Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Are We Being Covertly Drugged?

Drooling. We associate it with mental illness do we not? Those who read my book Wayang may recall the story about my experience with involuntary drugging, legal in Canada, and how the drugs disabled my brain and almost drove me to suicide because the side effects were so severe. Drooling at night was one of the side effects, after I managed to escape the mandatory treatment the drooling subsided. It's the only time i had ever experienced such a thing. You may also recall the terrible skin condition I suffered, and the fact that my periods stopped. My periods also returned to normal, however I had to discover shielding before my skin would get better. In my book I tell the story about how i discovered the relationship between electromagnetic sensitivity and my skin problems, however it was farther research which taught me the relationship to the drugs. If you would like to learn more about electromagnetic hyper sensitivity 9EHS) I recommend these two doctors: Dr William Rea and Dr Lisa nagy. They both have excellent videos on YT which educated me on these related issues.

EHS is not recognized in Canada, even though it can be fatal, and mandatory psychiatric Drugging is legal too, both of these issues must be addressed by the canadian community, as the effects can be devastating. Even before 5G has been rolled out I have found myself confined to a faraday cage and a slave to EMF shielding. I am one of the lucky ones to have learned how to take care of myself. 

Life levelled out, I upgraded my shielding as the 5G torture kicked in, made new clothes and life carried on until early this spring when my skin began to break out again, severely. Ichecked my faraday cage for leaks, made new clothes again, but was still losing my battle. It was very worrisome. At the same time, my periods faded away again and I simply suspected it was natural. Menopause. I had just turned 50. 

I continued to cope with my skin as best I could and then this virus thing happened. There were lots of changes, I noticed the local grocery store was offering lots and lots of bottled water, why was this? What was the reason for all these stacks of bottled water? Was it effective for treating the virus? It was puzzling. 

Then, out of the blue, I began drooling at night!  Then the documentary Out of Shadows exploded on the internet. In that video they mentioned how theoretically an entire city could be disabled by putting drugs in the water and my light bulb went on.

I went to the store and bought myself some of that bottled water, even though I had been diligently filtering my water.  Within a month, my skin got better, the drooling stopped and my periods returned.

I don't know if they are drugging the water, but it begs the question. I wrote this because I hope that people who are in a position to look into these things can perhaps do so. After all, mandatory drugging is legal in Canada and EHS can be fatal.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Weapons Grade EMF Causes Skin Burn

I've mentioned this before: there are 2 things going on with my health, but I am afraid to speak about the second lest our fragile-minded society accuses me of Mental Illness; an 'illness' that Health Canada feels needs to be treated with a chemical lobotomy to immobilize my brain. Not only am I EHS, hyper sensitive to ambient electro-smog, but I'm getting nuked by Directed Energy Weapons, too. Here's a mainstream publication acknowledging them:

Story @ 11:00: I've been burned very badly since fall of 2012 when the Smart Meters were installed. That's almost 8 years of weapons grade burn torture I have endured and has been allowed by Health Canada. Health Canada argues my skin burns are psychosomatic. The general public buys into this. I don't know what is worse. Being burned alive, tortured to death by EMF weapons or being accused of making it happen with my own mind by an uncaring and ignore-ant society.

Is the explosion at 18:00 not eerily similar to the Columbia Space Shuttle explosion?

Who is doing this? Taxpayers are funding this? Does anybody care? If no one cares then everyone can expect the same to happen to them. Let's have another look at what happened to California...

True Care is a Primal Need; without it our species will not survive. It's time for Humanity to start caring about one another.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Psychiatric Drugs Can Trigger #EHS

I was already suffering EHS symptoms (unbeknownst) when I was sentenced to a lifetime treatment of Risperdal, an anti-psychotic drug that is riddled with lawsuits in the USA. Here in Canada it's prescribed to ppl against their will and there are no laws to protect them; I know this because it happened to me when I asked for an investigation into SRA in my family. Luckily I managed to get off them, but it was this treatment which made me so sick that I ended up having to live in a faraday cage and it's probably for the rest of my life. I tell the harrowing story in Wayang if you are interested in reading it.

This excellent video explains EHS (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity) and it's relationship to drugs.

This excellent video explains how dangerous these drugs are.

The Risperdal treatment is a chemical lobotomy, basically. This excellent video connects the treatment to the MKUltra program

Monday, 3 December 2018

Meet the #SmartMeter's Ugly Little Sister, the #WaterMeter

I would never have guessed my new watermeter was 'smart', I discovered it. Here's my story.

First of all, I have watched the video 'Chemical Sensitivity in the Average person' by Dr L. Nagy, so I was aware that mould issues were related to EHS, however up until this time, I didn't have an experience with mould to reference.

July 2018.
This summer I went to the lake with almost completely clear skin for the first time in over 10 yrs and was doing really well, planning a bikini photo shoot to show off my shielding success.
I was too tired however. Suddenly I was needing to have naps in the afternoon.
The forest fires ruined the summer and I never made it to the lake in August, another reason the photo shoot didn't happen.
Meanwhile, I was coming home from work and smelling mould. I immediately suspected condensation behind the foil on my walls, or a leak in the ceiling, and explored, but didn't see any evidence of water or condensation or mould.
I fell off my home-baked goods only diet and began pigging out on Safeway bakery because I was so tired and cramming to write my latest book Wayang, plus we had an asshole living with us who made the kitchen uninviting.

August 2018
The mould smell was getting worse and I was so exhausted, concerned I was suffering from mould (I live in a basement room). I decided to do a thorough spring clean and pull out all the furniture and inspect all the floor areas for water, and discovered water in the corner in the area where the water enters the house. There was a water meter there behind a wooden cabinet thing. It was leaking. The moisture was inside the wall and leaking out at the baseboard.
The landlord came over and told me the water meter had to be replaced, and that several water meters had failed on our block in the past month.
The City had to come over and install a new water meter. The Landlord removed all the mouldy insulation and drywall, he rented a de-humidifier and we dried my room out.
The floor was still wet.
The landlord came over and suggested I was creating a condensation problem with my foil around the water meter area, so I took it down from around the water meter area.
The floor was still wet.
The landlord came over and discovered a leak in the pipe above the water meter, and fixed it.
The floor dried up and I used bleach to kill the mould.

September 2018.
I was developing a rash again. I bought new shielding, it helped, but not enough. I noticed the rash flared up after eating sugary donuts, so I wondered about that video again; Dr Nagy talked about food allergies, so I quit my Safeway bakery binge and went back on my diet.

October 2018.
My hair was falling out again. The rash was getting steadily worse. I was noticing the problem was local, at home and extra bad outside my faraday cage.

November 2018
The rash wan't responding to my diet. Suddenly I was getting really sick again, too. The rash started to get really bad, it was starting to do the pus-thing again, the rash was really hot, my skin was literally 'burning' and I got really scared. Added to that my joints were becoming so painful I could no longer ride my bike and computer work was becoming very difficult again. Meanwhile, I was no longer needing naps all the time, so in that respect I was getting better.
I wondered then what had changed since my skin and joints got so bad. Obviously it wasn't caused by my diet change, although my diet did seem to exacerbate it. So I wondered about the missing foil on my wall and decided to put it back up. While I was putting it back up around the water meter I was getting really badly burned. So I had a closer look at it and noticed an electronic wire leading from it, and wondered if it was perhaps a 'smart' meter?
I could literally feel the relief as I hung up the foil. Within 24 hours my skin rash temperature dropped to normal skin-temperature and stopped getting worse. Within a week my skin was starting to heal.

December 2018
I'm feeling stronger again, and the rash has continued to get better.
Conclusion: The new Water Meters are 'Smart Meters' too. rash and hair loss were typical EHS symptoms. I was tired and needing to nap rom the mould.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

My new book : Wayang

Today on October 13, 2018 my book Wayang is available on Amazon in paperback format. It's not just my story, it's also an investigative report for the purpose of releasing others from this story. I hope you can stomach it, mind control truth is one of those bandaids that hurts when it get's ripped off. Here is a copy of the Introduction.

       In Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler's book, The Illuminati Formula for Undetectable Mind Control, they state: 'To the man in the street the concept "subconscious" is as mysterious as the concept "demon"'. If this is true, then perhaps one can be mistaken for the other?
         This book is an investigative journey into this question amongst others of a similar nature, most commonly identified as mere Conspiracy Theories. If you have never investigated such concepts as the Illuminati, Transhumanism, Mind Control or the NWO, this book may seem quite shocking, paranoid delusional perhaps and completely unbelievable. If however, you have dabbled in these subjects and experienced the thundering of a thousand hooves galloping inside as the reality unfolded before your eyes, then I hope the story about to unfold may shed some light on these dark matters. Undetectable mind control is a subject plagued with misinformation, disinformation, belief, disbelief and misbelief, as is demonology. I am no expert in these matters, however after researching this subject extensively over the last 5 years, feel confident in presenting a case for it. I will present disclosures which can be researched, cross referenced with facts and experts in these covert operations, for it is a matter yet to be fully revealed, it requires a team of experts and witness statements to assemble the mere sketch I am about to reveal. 
         In this book I will detail sections of Fritz and Cisco's book, and so for that reason, let me begin by addressing the warning at the beginning of their book. "WARNING, READ THIS FIRST BEFORE READING THE BOOK. IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE you the reader have had mind-control done to you, you must consider the following book to be DANGEROUS."
         What is so dangerous? The truth? That it may upset you? I'd like to add my own version of the warning: by reading this book you may discover that mind control is real, or even worse, that you too have been targeted with mind control techniques and that can come as a nasty shock. If these are concepts which may only upset you; I don't recommend reading it, nor do I recommend this book to anyone that isn't interested in alternative psychology.
         I went down this rabbit hole after losing someone I loved. Each person has their own reason to seek knowledge, and should only seek that which they feel ready to seek; that time is different for everyone, and never for some. For that reason, we need to have compassion whilst at the same time, realizing the responsibility of waking up to these things.
         "Too many people are considered guilty unless proven innocent which means that a legitimate search for truth has NOT taken place. On the flip side, we must bear in mind that hidden information that has laid dormant for years may totally reverse our understanding of something.
         We must be strong enough to face evil and not shy away from it. The victims of mind-control must look evil in the face & not look away to gain their freedom. We, who want to help them, must be courageous & strong enough to do this too."
         ~ The Illuminati Formula for Undetectable Mind Control by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler 
         The biggest news-story of the 20th century, as Fritz and Cisco claim it to be, is still The Biggest Secret, as David Icke refers to it in his book. All these years later after they wrote The Illuminati Formula for Undetectable Mind Control their warning sadly remains in place for the reader, today, however today more and more people are becoming aware of said secret and that is a good sign. The more people who understand and see what is going on the easier it becomes for others like myself to do the same, it's only because of great researchers who hacked away the brambles before my time was I able to find these trails of truth. 
         The truth is stranger than fiction, it will challenge you, shock you, horrify you and hopefully motivate you to do something, anything to assist with this change. For myself it took the love of my daughter to find the will to learn the truth, it took the respect I had for all that my grandmother had gone through to find the strength to keep going and it took knowledge of what was actually happening in the world in order to figure out what it was exactly that was going on in my life, in order to know what I could possibly do.
         This is my true story. To the best of my knowledge, the statements made in this book are factual, and as they happened from my perspective, as I can best remember them, all personalities considered, all subject to minor correction due to my own memory glitches. A fact is something that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, by a trail it left or witnesses to the fact. Facts are things that actually happened. 'False memories' are eventually realized and cannot be substantiated with documented evidence and it is my opinion that these things come in part at least from Alter Personalities. Bad behavior isn't necessarily a reflection of a bad person if the person is a puppet. Bad behavior could be the reflection of a puppeteer, any one of the 'bad behaviors' described in this book could have been engineered or puppeteered, so I ask that you keep that that in mind, should you choose to proceed, because this book also explores how that is done.
         This book is about Monarch mind control programming, which is the type of programming I found myself to be researching by chance, in an effort to solve the mysteries in my life. I am not a Sex-Kitten, Secret Agent or a Lone Gunwoman, but rather what Dr Colin A. Ross MD would define as having an iatrogenic Multiple Personality Disorder, in other words, it was artificially created; I am (was) a puppet. For what purpose? I can only imagine, based on personal experiences that in my case, the purpose was simply R&D, human experimentation and breeding slavery. 
         Dr Colin A. Ross MD can prove the Manchurian Candidate type program is real, but he cannot prove the Monarch Program really existed because he does not have access to documents proving it was, however he suspects it was and perhaps even still is in operation today. 
         Is he right? What is a Monarch program? What is a Manchurian Candidate? We bandy the word 'puppet' around on a daily basis but do we know how such a puppet is strung? A military trained psychiatrist who 'treated' me for inquiring into these things, told me that he had investigated the Monarch Program, and assured me the Monarch program existed, however he used past tense and assured me I was not a part of it, nor had I been 'bred' for it. 
         My goal is three-fold. My first goal is personal, to tell my story and share this research with loved ones for the purpose of empowering them with this knowledge, also my intentions are to release my deceased, lambasted and exploited ancestors from spiritual damnation so that their souls can rest in peace, because not only do I believe the truth shall set us free, the history which my descendants have a right to know was almost lost and forgotten in time; this book is for my beloved daughter and to family, so estranged, above all. 
         My second goal is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my request to have the Monarch program investigated was founded on substantial research and supporting evidence, and that it was not paranoia or delusional thinking, because these allegations of mental illness are the invisible barbed wire which keep loved ones apart. This isn't simply my family history, either. Were it just my family there wouldn't be a need to publish this book. 
         I will attempt to accomplish this by firstly showing you what I perceived as a child, because if you know what I experienced, and discover what I learned about the cocktail of these seemingly normal things, my feeling is you will come to this conclusion all by yourself, just like I did. 
         It's not a nice story but it needs to be told, so let me assure you my  intentions are not fueled by a personal need for sympathy, I am not writing this for revenge or to accuse people or cause any more harm to innocent individuals, nor do I intend to instill hate towards those whose shameful deeds I am about to disclose, which is how it may appear at first glance, as it did for me. I will show you that this is an ancient parasite, this hologram is the machine. Set your emotions aside, I'm also disclosing things which may seem irrelevant, however, today have the opinion they may not necessarily be organic and are quite possibly linked to programming or are perhaps symptoms of MPD, so for that reason these are included for research purposes too, ie; extreme car sales and bed bugs. Some things I am going to disclose simply because they were helpful, or made a difference, which may be valuable information for other survivors.
         My discovery is this: handlers don't always know they are handling, players don't always know they are participating, some do but they have been blackmailed, and some have been exploited for their psychopathy. The way I see it, we're all born into this thing, bridled as children and for that reason we need to approach the subject matter with love, compassion, emotional intelligence and an open mind or else anger may interfere too heavily with our educational goals. Because we were all born into this mess; together we can and must clean it up. Step 1 is to acknowledge it.
         'The solution of today’s problems requires an approach, which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values.
Estulin, Daniel. Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses (p. 117)'

         There's a rickety old wooden rollercoaster in Vancouver, it's a fantastic, heart-stopping ride with a magnificent view of the North Shore mountains. In order to experience the thrill of the ride or catch the view one has to endure a bit of a long and arduous climb up a rickety old slope. This book will be a little bit like that experience. In the beginning, I will tell my story, about my horse, my school, violin lessons and neglect; this is the long arduous rickety slope. Once you have seen what I saw at the top (or the bottom), then I can show you the research which corresponds with these rickety old things; this is the heart-stopping ride down the other side (or up). 
         At the end of the book, you'll hopefully understand and realize my third goal. I'm providing a list of links and references at the back of the book, from where you can find your own way and figure out for yourself, how this all computes with reality; please prove me wrong if possible, then decide if it's a legitimate investigation or not. 
         I have made conservative judgment calls about what material to use as reference. When I wrote the blog Code White I hadn't tackled enough research, hence the fiction, and based it on the video references that woke me up, which were subsequently censored. Trails which are no longer visible have to be discarded. Memories can only be believed or not unless backed by a witness. Shredded documents, deleted interview material and forgotten traumas aside, there is still a mountain of research material and truth trails available and free for those who want to know the truth; like Gobekli Tepe, the biggest secret can't be buried forever.
         It is with the sincerest gratitude that I thank the individuals mentioned in this book for the material they have produced, it is through their selfless hard work these trails were marked for myself and others to find, making it possible to write a book such as this. I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart.
         I am not an expert on these matters, nor am I qualified to do anything except draft architectural plans, I'm not even a schooled writer, however I am an expert survivor, have survived almost 50 years of mental slavery and it is my duty as a conscious human being to share my story and will present it to you the only way I know how. As a Draftsperson, my task was to detail the hidden architecture behind the stylish fa├žade; it's a similar task. 
         The first lesson in drafting school was that even though we were drawing a picture, we weren't artists; we were not employed to make things up. 
         The second lesson was that it was our job to learn all about that which we were drafting up; how it worked, what made it so special and how it was being used in order to detail it properly. Our task was to gather the survey, engineering and architectural data and assemble them to create a picture of the project, lay it out neatly and organized in such a way that anyone could understand it, present it with all the supporting reference material since any component, at any time, could be called upon for analysis, correction or review; rendering was to be kept to a minimum. 
         That is then, how I have set out to show you the hidden architecture of my life as a descendant of a WW2 camp survivor, an invisible KampKind. We will gather the survey information from other invisible KampKind's in the form of disclosures, including my own, the engineering information from experienced specialists and the architectural information from researchers. 
         One of these specialists is an ex-Satanist. While this book will discuss Satanism and occult science, I am not a Satanist or Occult Scientist, rather a student of these arts because learning about the occult is part of the education required to recognize and understand what is actually happening, why it is happening and for what reason these people think and behave this way. Nor am I a psychologist, however I will discuss psychology, mental illnesses and disorders throughout the book. Psychopathy and mental disorders such as Multiple Personality Disorder aka Dissociative Identity Disorder aren't taught like they should be so I found myself seeking knowledge of these matters on my own. It takes 3 people to have a Multiple Personality Disorder, I'll call it 'trinity science' in this book and will show you how that works, too. Nor am I a scholar or historian, however the secrets of the past hold many valuable seeds of understanding, and so I have become an avid student of alternative history too. It is by following the occult symbolism so commonly found down this rabbit hole, combined with alternative narratives, that one can shine a light as to how deep the rabbit hole actually goes (or how far it is up to the surface). 
         Also, I must warn you that this book will cover sensitive material like racism and genders. I am not writing about these things to cause alarm, discriminate or judge, they are mature adult subjects which need to be discussed as they are part of the wayang (shadow play) in order to shed light on some of the social engineering challenges we face today. I am not racist, however I come from a 'racist' society, as do we all, and my feeling is most of the racism we see in society has been engineered, too. 
         And most importantly, even though I will mention things like the Bible, Jesus and Satan, I am not religious. I do not belong to a group. I am not pushing any religious belief or indoctrinating anyone in anything, nor am I here to condemn anyone's religion, I condemn harm being inflicted on others in the name of religion, is all. God was only joking when he said we had to sacrifice our first-born's, in case you hadn't heard. If I'm talking about 'angels' I'm referring to beautiful selfless souls who appeared for reasons I cannot explain, just in time to save me; I extend my sincerest gratitude to these people, to some of them I owe my life and they don't even know it.
         This subject has been so carefully swept under the rug of human consciousness it has been very difficult for any survivor or witness to come forward let alone be heard, but it's getting easier now as more and more people are researching these things. Hollywood has done a terrific job of covering it all up by telling us everything we need to know in the form of allegory and symbolism, it's been left up to us to 'do our homework', learn this language to figure out what they were telling us, to face our demons and point out the deceptions in real life, like the so-called White Rabbit.

         Finally, around half way through the book you may find yourself feeling quite upset, just like I was during that stage, myself. This book isn't designed to leave you abandoned and upset. By the end of the book I hope you will see that by understanding these things, we really can overcome them and be a part of the solution. It's the journey to the bottom of Pandora's Box that's upsetting, however it is of my sincerest opinion that Hope really does lie there, waiting to be seized.


Saturday, 22 September 2018

Reptilians & Egypt's Secret Underground Temple of Energy

An ancient Reptilian reference to biological EMF? An informational video by Brien Foerster

Cross reference with some Reptilian Philosophy by Mark Passio.